Dick Schmelzkopf © 2006


I believe in beard power, youíll see what I mean, thatís for sure.

Look at all the famous folks, none of these are obscure.

Iíll just name a few to give you the gist; there are others, that is true.

These are some of the elite in the book of beard powers, whoís who.


No matter what your belief Jesus Christ is a heavy weight.

He has a beard and heís a healer and a leader; no debate.

What about Abe, heís an honest man and a leader that made good.

He led the nation through some tough times, thinking like him we should.


Do you follow Harry Potter? Haggrid is a man of good intention.

His young friends, he tries to help, sometimes it takes intervention.

Zeus had a beard, now there is a man with a tower of power.

This is a man that took charge, he was no wall flower.


Staying on a light note, what about Santa, heís always jolly.

He brings little boys, little red wagons, and little girls a dolly.

Shakespeare had a beard as I recall, he wrote a thing or two thatís been quoted.

ďTo be, or not to be, that is the questionĒ itís beard power, I have noted.


Adam, of Adam and Eve, Iíll bet he had a beard; we donít have a snapshot.

I visualize him with a beard standing at the helm of his great big yacht.

Confucius was a man of many words. ďThink no evilĒ is a good one.

Heís probably been quoted more times than anyone under the sun.


Papa Hemingway is another famous writer, the beard bell tolls for him.

If you havenít read some of his stuff, your reading is far to thin.

Grant and Lee are in our history books, during tough times.

For beard power these gents ring the bell and the chimes.


So you see beard power has been and always will be an important facet of life.

Beard power helps you overcome difficulties of all sorts and strife.

Itís no coincidence that some of our most notable folks have had beard power.

Men with beard power have overcome adversity and became the man of the hour.


Your beard is excellent and Iím sure itís in its finest hour.

With your beard powerÖit is the problems of the world you will devour.

It is obvious all difficulties, obstacles, problems and strifeÖfrom you they will cower.

Itís great to see a man who like ZeusÖis a tower of power!