The Scousers, play out of the Aviator’s club.
Scouse is a sailor’s stew and grub.
A scouser, might be a bloke from Liverpool,
These dudes play darts, they ain’t no fool.

First game of the season Stan played Dick,
Dick won, but only by a dart, it could have been a pick.
Carl played Chuck and the Aviators won,
Chuck hadn’t played in a season, but now watch him run.

Eric, the Scouser’s captain some cricket he played,
Dick shot a little better the game he made.
Eric is not only a good darter,
He also collects dragons, that makes him smarter.

Greg and Dick shot against Eric and Mark,
Greg was hot he had the spark.
Darty Mark, from the Moonlighters was hot all night.
Carl, from the Scousers, gave the Moonlighters a fright.

Though the Moonlighters won nine to three,
Watch out for the Rusty Scousers they’ll be there don’t you see.
These guys are no strangers to the dartboard,
They’ll come on strong like the Mongol Hoard.