“MOONLIGHTERS” / “6 T’s, 2 B’s

The first and second place teams had it out.
As it turns out they are both quite stout.
A six and six split, they’ll play some more.
How can they not with a six six score?

6 T’s, 2 B’s now how did they get that name?
They’ve got three gals and a guy if you don’t get it it’s a shame.
There seemed to be some doubt about Bonnie
I don’t know why, I’ve given her hugs she’s no Johnny.

Now about the shirt that Emily wore, just looking at it makes ya high.
Celine, picked it out she says it’s a tie-dye for Ti Ti
A blazing red, yellow and blue,
It’s a great shirt where Celine got it I haven’t a clue.

Bonnie had a tough time doubling in,
Even Dick thought that was a sin.
They gave high fives like winners do,
Then said, into the tiger’s mouth for you.

There were hugs around both kept the winners glow.
Good sportsman and friends do that ya know.
By just a dart Celine beat Mark.
But he’ll be back cause Darty Mark is a darty shark.

Bonnie and Richard played, Dick and Chuck
The QP’s were flying fast and furious we all had to duck
Emily beat Greg in the first round,
Then Greg put it in his pocket, without a sound.

Richard the Woodlands captain did his usual stuff
When he throws darts this dude’s no powder puff.
He smokes a cigar and sets up a screen.
Is it smoke and mirrors or is it the real scene?

Emily and Celine must practice a lot,
Celine got national mention she’s a great shot.
Bonnie’s a dart hustler from way back
She always plays on a fast track.

These two teams will be in the finals you can count on that.
On that you can bet your hat.
The darts are all in fun just like this ode,
For dart games we all get into the friendly beer-drinking mode.