KMA stands for, kiss my what?
Could it possibly be kiss my butt?
+5 is there a reason?
Or is it left over from last season?

Dick drew Chick for the three-0-one,
These guys will have a game and they’ll both have fun.
Chick won the first one then Dick got to darting,
Chick usually gets a bourbon before there parting.

Dick got lucky with a throw or two,
After three legs Chick was blue.
Dick knows better than to count him out,
Cause when it comes to darts Chick is stout.

Matt beat Chuck in there little contest,
Don’t count Chuck out he’s one of the best.
On this night Matt was hot,
And Chuck was not.

Janet was throwing darts like never before,
She was hitting them good, she had a high score.
In a blind draw anybody would be happy to have her.
She can throw a ton so fast it’s a blur.

Greg was hot as always, hitting the board with a bunch of QP’s
Chalking for Rob he gave out with a sneeze.
Rob didn’t care cause a five stroker he threw,
He shot good darts they were strait and true.

Darty Mark, was tough as always,
When he’s playing cricky he knows the plays.
Matt playing Dick he got more QP’s than law will allow,
Dick kept saying man that’s heavy duty that’s a Wow.

It ended up eight to four the Moonlighters did strive,
But watch out for KMA +5, they’re very much alive.
At shooting good darts they do thrive
These folks know the game and that’s no jive.