And for what does the Richards stand?
It’s a bunch of guy s playing darts to beat the band.
They were almost called “Richards Brains” said Nick,
Yet there is no one on the team called Dick.

Swinging what? dick what?
They just came to throw some darts; they don’t give a squat.
Make what you will out of the name,
These guys play darts and that’s the game.

There was a mountain of a man Shaun by name,
He wore two gold earrings and set the darts aflame.
A gypsy chieftain, is the air he gives,
But it’s darts he throws and darts he lives.

Darty Mark was on the West Coast.
So Joe sat in I’d like to boast.
Joe threw good darts no surprise he’s the most,
To you Joe thanks, I give a toast.

Ryan, Bryan, Nick and Brad,
Shot bodacious darts not to be sad.
Dick drew Brad for the three-0-one,
Brad was one dart short but he still had fun.

Chuck and Greg did their usual stuff,
At playing darts these boys are rough.
Bryan has been throwing darts for a couple of years,
Dick learned the hard way don’t play him for beers.

Brad, Ryan and Nick to SCDA they are neophytes.
Don’t play them light or out of your ass they’ll take some bites.
The Swinging Richards in finals they’ll be,
These guys are good sportsman and dart players don’t you see.

The Moonlighters won eight to four,
The next game the Swinging Richards I’m sure will score more.
The Moonlighters look forward to a tough game with these guys,
But the whole league knows that, that’s no surprise.

Be careful of tyros, and mountains wearing rings, of gold,
These troops will ring your bell they’re all quite bold
When you play these darters practice a lot,
Or on your record they’ll put a blot.