“KMA + 5” / “6 Ts. 2 Bs”

It was a great contest between two behemoth teams,
The crowd that was watching frequently let out behemoth screams.
The Woodlands team was solid in second place,
And the Molly’s team was in third place heavy into the race.

Dick from the Moonlighters played a cricket warm-up with Chic,
Chic was hot and showed Dick a trick.
Dick was chatting with the 6 Ts 2 Bs before the match,
Bonnie and Richard were confident, a couple of games they thought they’d snatch.

The line-up for 301 was a good one,
There’d be some challenging darts thrown before it was done.
All “A” players, watching this would be fun,
There’s not a more interesting match under the sun.

Richard got a 156 QP that’s mighty fine,
Chic took the contest two to one, was it intervention divine?
Celine took Janet with a 104 out that’s pretty stout,
Rob overtook Bonnie he had some darty clout.

Matt took Emily two out of three,
But watch out Matt she’s a toughie take it from me.
Emily didn’t have on her drinking shirt,
Matt you’re lucky she didn’t have you for dessert.

The 501 was even a better game no one was shooting lame,
The games getting wild, no one was tame.
The Darty Gods threw down some fu-fu dust,
To stay alive good darts was a must.

Celine and Emily against Chic and Matt,
Wow what a contest no fans sat.
I could hear Celine yell shoot that dart Ti-Ti,
And Emily did, a couple of “tons” and out, my-o-my.

Matt and Chic won the third game,
It was a hell of a contest all the same.
Chic took it with a double one out,
He’s always stout with darty clout.

Richard and Bonnie played Janet and Rob.
The game was hot and made all the hearts throb.
As Emily said 2Ts and 2Bs won that game,
For winning dart games Richard and Bonnie have fame.

Cricket singles was the next event,
These dart players are ready to go, far from spent.
The darts are sharp and the players ready,
The atmosphere is thick, and very heady.

Celine played Matt and took him down,
But Matt is tough he’s no clown.
Celine shot more QPs than law allows.
Matt said he’d be back with a vengeance, he vows.

With Chic and Richard good dart abound,
A bunch of QPs were shot all around.
Chic’s darts were hot no one would scoff,
Richard was just one dart off.

In all four games the QPs were going crazy,
There wasn’t a dart player there that was lazy.
Watching was fun for me,
Cause they’re all great sportsman don’t you see.

The final match of the night was cricket doubles,
6 T’s 2 B’s have had some troubles.
But good darts they know how to throw,
They just need to get into the flow.

In this last game Richard and Chic both threw a brick,
They high-fived each other then got sick.
This just proves they’re sportsmen all,
All the games were a very close call.

“KMA + 5 won the contest 8 to 4,
Don’t count 6 T’s, 2 B’s out they’ll be back for another war.
As an observer this was sure something to see,
I picked up some darty tips that will toughen me.

The Woodlands team has 26 wins,
KMA has 27 in their winners bins.
The Moonlighters have 31, on goes the race,
The question is 10 meets left, who will be in first place.