What a great turnout there were a ton of players,
Celine was pitching for more darters to be yes sayers.
She needs some players for the Texas State competition,
She needs some darters with ambition to take on this mission.

In August will be the Texas thing,
Give Celine a call that will make her sing.
If you can hit the board with all three darts and have a heart beat,
Celine can sure use you at the Texas meet.

M.J. is a VIP, in SCDA, she needs a volunteer or three,
She’s put the word out to all darters, this is a plea.
The bunch we’ve got, keep the league running,
The job they do is outstandingly stunning.

The board needs a little help can you lend a hand?
These folks will show you the way and the appreciation would be grand.
Can you spare just a little time?
Not helping if you can, would be a real crime.

While waiting for the blind draw to start, Richard and Dick were having a chat,
Richard smokes a fine cigar, somebody stole his ashtray what a rat.
They talked was about the teams they saw
The competition was going to be tough, tooth and claw.

Did you see Tim has a new haircut and he glows in the dark,
No wonder he gives SCDA such a beautiful spark.
Bonnie gets the dart news out,
It’s never late and there’s never a pout.

Butch and Jean are going to have a little dart player,
Let’s hope it looks like Jean and shoots like Butch that’s our prayer.
The kid is going to be great he/she comes from love,
Have the eye of an eagle and always makes it’s mark that comes from above.

Dick got lucky and drew Tommy as a team mate,
Dick was having trouble, he couldn’t get out of the gate.
Tommy shot well but Dick weighed too much,
Tommy couldn’t carry him even with his magic touch.

Jeff chalked many a game we thank him for that,
He chalked an awful lot he hardly sat.
It was early and Dick had to leave,
It was going to be a good contest he did perceive.

Into the tigers mouth for all the stayers
There’s gold in them darts for the top six players.
All the darters still there, are winners,
In SCDA we have no losers or sinners.