Blake and Dick went to the intergalactic play-off,
Blake had a problem getting in so his hat he did doff.
Darty Mark had a tough time,
Mark from the Scousers was in his prime.

Chuck took his game home he was hot,
Stan had a little trouble, he was not.
Carl and Greg had quite a contest.
Greg won, he shot the best.

In 501 Mark and Dick didn’t do well,
Stan and Carl shot quite swell.
Greg and Chuck put a notch on their gun,
Mark and Blake didn’t have much fun.

Greg put his cricket in his pocket,
Blake threw darts but he missed the rocket.
Stan and Chuck had a good game,
Chuck won that one, all the same.

Carl and Dick had a close call,
But Carl slipped and took a fall.
Moonlighter Mark caught a dart or two,
Scousers Mark was a little blue.

Chuck was hot and threw QPs all night,
He gave the Scousers a terrible fright.
The Moonlighters won it nine to three,
But the Scousers are tough they may yet go on a spree.

A good time was had by all in this match,
Not a harsh word was spoken, none did I catch
Gentlemen all, it’s nice to see,
All were polite and smiley that’s the key.