2nd Match “Moonlighters” / “6 T’s, 2 B’s”

Bonnie was on another mission and couldn’t play,
Not only an ace dart player but the best hugger of the day.
The Moonlighters missed her smiley hello, and the hug she’s famous for,
But the game must go on, after all it is a dart war.

Shairy, took Bonnie’s place and did a good job,
John her husband says, it sounds like Sidey, of her name don’t rob
She throws a dart and hits what she aims at,
In a dart war she’s a Green Beret at combat.

Chuck couldn’t make the game, he’s off on family biz,
But Jon filled in, at darts he’s a whiz.
Jon played well and went 3 for 4,
If it hadn’t of been for Dick’s poopy shooting he’d have done more.

Some of the guys from Fubar, stopped by,
I don’t think it was to infiltrate or to spy.
Eric chalked till he got writer’s cramps, a big thanks to you sir,
His mind and hands were fast, they were a blur.

Richard and Dick had a 301 contest
Dick got in and out fast, at this game he was the best.
They met again in two other games,
In both of those contests Dick went down in flames.

In 301 Greg was hot and Emily was not,
But she’ll come back we all know that cause she’s a hot shot.
Celine did her usual trick, she shot lights out she’s just slick,
Mark had trouble at first but at the end he had a burst.

Dick and Greg got cocky in 501,
Then Shairy and Richard showed them how it’s done.
Both Richard and Shairy were hot all night,
Much to the 6 T’s 2 B’s team it was a delight.

After it was all said and done the Moonlighters won 7 to 5,
But the Woodlands team is a good one and that’s no jive.
6 T’s 2 B’s will be there for the final dart,
That’s because these shooters are tough and smart.