2nd Match “Moonlighters” / “KMA + 5”

A public announcement to the darters,
Jeff from “X-Men” is looking for golfers.
Give him a call before tax day
If blind draw scramble is a game you’d like to play.

Joe is now a member of the Moonlighters,
They need him, he is one of the finer dart fighters.
He shot lights out as always, at darts he is an ace,
KMA found it tough to keep his pace.

Matt was shooting well,
Marks darts weren’t quite as swell.
Matt played Mark in 301 and was awfully rough,
Mark said Matt was just a bit to tough.

Rob had a 102 in,
That’s a good start for a win.
Rob beat Chuck two to one,
Chuck said Rob was one of the better darters under the sun.

In a warm-up game Chick beat Dick hands down,
But in the 301 contest Dick was no clown.
Janet had it tough, she played some shooters with a hot hand,
Greg got her two to zip, he was playing to beat the band.

Dick broke the game up trying to promote his book,
If you haven’t read it you need to give it a look.
Matt and Rob played Dick and Chuck,
Rob and Matt were skillful, Dick and Chuck had no luck.

These are the first and second place teams,
KMA + 5, shattered the Moonlighters dreams.
These teams will meet once more,
All the world is waiting to see what’s the score.

Chick and his band of pirates, bludgeoned the Moonlighter, 7 to 5,
Mark and the angels he shoots with said we’ll be back, that’s no jive.
The contests get tighter toward the end of the season,
They’re all playing for the gold that’s the reason.