S.C.D.A. BULL CHAT March/April 03

Bonnie gets the news out with all the calendar events,
Read it closely there’s a lot of data in these segments.
Board meeting, blind draws and awards,
When you read it closely you’ll find some rewards.

President Mary Jane Hunt, that’s strong,
With M. J. you can’t go wrong.
Secretary is Emily (Ti Ti) Tice,
Emily is a super player and besides that she’s nice.

Eric Siekman for Membership,
He shoots good darts and he’s a real whip.
Member at Large, Cathy Melrose,
I’ve known Cathy forever her caring just grows and grows.

Randy Lassiter, Member at Large,
If you want a good man, he’s the kind that will take charge.
Vice President, Tim Moore,
Ya can’t go wrong with him, he knows the dart score.

Bonnie Westerhold, Treasurer, always has a smile and a hug,
She’s the tops in what she does, she needs no plug.
Celine Caithamer, ADO Rep. She’s got national acclaim,
She can aim a dart and she knows the game.

Richard Reynolds, Member at Large,
He’s always there if you have a question, he’s got a super charge.
I know these people one and all,
I can tell ya strait, when I say there my friends, I stand tall.

These are the folks that keep it together,
S.C.D.A. runs like a Swiss watch no matter the weather.
If you can offer some help or spare some time,
Any help you can give would be considered sublime.

The sponsoring pubs, we all want to thank,
We hope you smile on the way to the bank,
We know you don’t do it just for the money,
So hugs to ya all you’re our honey.

Don’t forget to check the contests coming up,
Go ahead and get involved you might win a gold cup.
You’ve got some heavy competition that’s true,
Take a look at these people, some darts they threw.

In the Bluebonnet we held our own,
We won a bunch of awards let it be know.
501 and cricket these gals know how to play,
these shooters are aces they’ll be winners every day.

Kathy Podraza and Shairy (Sidey) Horsey hit the board with perfection,
Between the board the hand and eye there was a connection.
Celine Caithamer and Mary Jane hunt shot their darts well,
These gals didn’t just shoot swell, they rang the bell.

At the Capitol City Classic M. J. you did it once more,
Are you going to make your living doing this, what’s the score.
Treasure Island Open and the Regional Masters, S.C.D.A. some darts you shot,
 Because of that, some medals you got.

Kathy Podraza, and Shairy Horsey, you know how to play 501,
I’ll bet you shooters could beat anybody under the sun.
Joe McKinney, and Donnie Ramcharan, hit the board just right,
I know you could beat any of those other players on any night.

Donnie you and Skip Elledge, played some bodacious games,
Those other darters went down in flames.
Donnie, Skip & Teresa, you hit what you aimed at,
You can wear the Top Four Mixed Triples hat.

Kathy and Shairy, again you came in at the top of the list,
I thank you for S.C.D.A. at being excellent darters you do persist.
Wow Celine and Kathy, national acclaim,
You’re good darters and good people, that’s all of our aim.

This is just a repeat of what Bonnie said,
All this is, is a different twist on the same spread.
If these odes to darts you think are fun,
Then I’ll give you some more, that deals done.