2nd Match “Moonlighters” / “Swinging Richards”

A quote from the first meet concerning the score,
The next game the Swinging Richards, I’m sure will score more.
They lived up to that and then some,
As predicted they shot darts, this was no ho-hum.

It was a six six match, and the Moonlighters learned a thing or two,
Brad, Shaun, Ryan and Ryan gave some lessons and not just a few.
Shaun, the gypsy with the gold earrings, was shooting hot,
His opponents, their darts were shooting not.

Brad came in late, but his darts he was throwing well,
Bryan was sitting on the side, he was coaching for a spell.
Ryan and Ryan embarrassed the Moonlighters,
These guys are black-belt dart fighters.

Dick drew Nick for three contests Dick’s blood was everywhere,
Nick took Dick to the woods I swear,
Then he pointed to a pile of poop and said,
This is where the bear shit in the woods, do not tread.

Shaun fell asleep waiting for Dick and Nick to get in,
Nick got his double and made Dick pay for his sin.
Nick just went about his business and too two games,
He was at the top of his game shooting the Moonlighters down in flames.

The Moonlighters swore they make a better showing,
They said they’d get those tons and doubles flowing.
Swinging Richards said, come on back we know where all bears dodo in the woods.