Having a bye Dick thought he’d look at some of the ton-eighty award winners,
These are the guys that throw good darts, they’re not beginners.
Richard from the “Four Horseman” was warming up,
Dick shot a bit with him, he felt like a pup.

Richard didn’t charge Dick a thing for his lesson at the board,
He was deadly accurate, the numbers he wanted he scored.
Richard could make his living toeing the line,
It wouldn’t surprise Dick if SCDA built him a shrine.

Dick got lucky and Dalton was not,
Normally Dalton was hot and Dick shot squat,
Dick said call Guinness World Records and tell them Dick won one,
Dick said it sure is rare but it sure is fun.

Dalton bought Dick a Black Jack, that’s a rare occasion.
Seeing as how Dalton is of the excellent darts persuasion
They drank to good friends, good darts and that their livers would last forever,
Dalton said keep your darts sharp Dick next time I’ll be more clever.

The “Gunners” had a bye so Jenny, Roger and Donnie were throwing a few,
Donnie got two ton-eighties how he can be that good I haven’t a clue.
Dick and Roger played Steve and Donnie in Mickey Mouse,
Roger was hot and brought down the house.

Dick learned a lesson on his darty bye day,
He belongs in the second flight and that’s where he’ll stay.
He’s not into S & M on Tuesday nights,
Getting his ass whipped once a week would give him the frights.