Blake and Marc, were at Aviators early getting some practice in.
Blake said, they wouldn’t lose like they did last time that was a sin.
Marc said, we’ll give the Moonlighters a run for their money this time.
Dick said, I know you will, you’re both looking prime.

Stan beat Dick hands down, 301 wasn’t even a contest.
Dick got beat so badly he thought the whole thing was a jest.
Chuck beat Blake and did a good job of it.
Blake said, next time I’ll shoot better and give you a fit.

Moonlighter Mark beat Carl though it was a good game.
Carl said, Mark your tough, next time I won’t be so lame.
Scousers Marc put the whoop on Greg.
Greg said, next time I’ll take off like a powder keg.

Chuck and Dick got hot in 501
Blake and Marc may have lost but they said they had fun.
Stan and Carl put a hurtin on Greg and Mark.
Greg and Mark said they just couldn’t find the spark.

Singles cricket Stan drew Dick for that contest.
Dick took it down cause he gave Stan his best.
Stan said you won one and I won one.
That’s all right, this time we gave you guys a run.

At the end it was seven to five Moonlighters on top though they weren’t stunning
Next season the Rusty Scousers will be in the running
The Aviators bar did a good job,
There was always a beer in front of each of us in the mob.