3rd Match “Moonlighters” / “6 T’s 2 B’s”

Joe and Dick had a warm up game Joe shot well.
Dick wasn’t so swell.
Shairy and Jon were subbing for Richard and Bonnie
Jon is not Shairy’s John but this Jon belongs with Jamie.

Greg took Celine but it took a third game.
Next to her usual self Celine was lame.
Jon beat Dick he skunked him outright.
Dick had never been skunked he bowed to Jon with fright.

Three games later Emily fell to chuck.
Emily in a quagmire got stuck.
Shairy, took Mark two out of three
Mark said next time he will go on a spree.

In cricket, Dick had the edge on Emily,
Dick was lucky Emily left her drinking shirt at the house don’t you see.
Mark and Dick played Celine and Shairy, cricket they did play.
Mark was hot Dick had to pray.

Robert showed up and our QP’s he did pen.
Robert is an “A” player good darts he does ken.
Jamie was there rooting for Jon for sure.
She’s Jon’s number one fan that relationship will endure.

The Moonlighters took it 8 to 4
Celine and Emily said wait till Richard and Bonnie get back we’ll score.
The dart games go on and the challenges are made.
At the end of the season we’ll see what teams for the playoffs stayed.