3rd Match “Moonlighters” / “KMA + 5”

Chick came early and so did Joe.
That’s why their stats are anything but slow.
Dick said, if I come early will my stats improve?
Janet said, no man, you have to get in the groove.

I saw Rob put fairy dust on matt’s darts, is that leagal?
Makes no never mind Matt has the eyes of an eagle.
Matt beat Greg two out of three.
Greg said, I’ve been studying your throw, now I’ve got the key.

Rob is hitting sevens while throwing at the nineteen.
He said if he could move the sevens to dice that would be keen.
Joe was shooting well, but then rob cast a spell.
Joe said, for loosing that I’ll put time in dart players hell.

In 501 Mark and Dick got lucky
Rob said, he and Janet were shooting sucky.
Chick and Matt put a hurtin on Joe and Chuck.
Chuck said I’ll shoot better next time, I’ll bet ya a buck.

When it was all said and done KMA came out on top.
KMA were shooting hot darts 7 to 5 the Moonlighters were a flop.
This season is coming to a close fast,
Only the Darty Gods know who’s going to win, but it has been a blast