301 Nick took Dick quick.
Shaun beat Greg and said he’s no hick.
Brad beat Chuck, wooped him good.
Kwikee smashed Mark, beat him right where he stood.

The Moonlighters played 301 like a man with a broken wrist.
They’re glad they don’t make their living doing this they couldn’t exist.
The Swinging Richards gave lessons in getting QP’s.
They said get 95 plus or five strokers, those are the keys.

Dick and Chuck won a 501 but they’re not sure how.
Shaun and Brad their 501 they did disavow.
Bryan and Kwikee took Greg and Mark in just two.
Mark and Greg held their heads down they were blue.

In cricket Chuck beat Nick, Chuck was hot.
Nick lost it somewhere he was not.
In this event Greg took Brad but it took three
Greg was hot and brad got a lesson don’t you see.

Dick played Shaun the QP’s did abound
Dick got more he was a real darty hound.
Shaun the gypsy said he’d get Dick next time.
Dick said, okay next time we bet a dime.

The final score was six wins to six wins.
All were smiley there were no major sins.
Both teams look forward to the next season.
The darters are all honorable men that’s the reason.