This is the last match of the season.
The Moonlighters were beat out of first place with reason.
Chick and his bunch of pirates won it fare and square.
The Moonlighters said they’ll be back and play with flair.

Moonlighters should have second locked up
6 T’s, 2 B’s should get the third cup.
First and third are having a contest this night
Through the season, 1st 2nd and 3rd were always tight.

Emily is wearing her “Jetter Drinking Shirt”
Watch out KMA she’s come to play darts not to flirt.
These teams will have a good match, they always do
But the season’s over and all know their spot that’s true.

Now a poser has come into play
What do ya do when a team doesn’t show up what do ya say?
It changes the stats when ya give 12 games away.
Should they buy a round of drinks for the other teams, that will make em pay.

Should you disallow all their games for the whole season?
It’s hard to look at this with common sense and reason.
Hang them by their thumbs at Molly’s for all to see?
How do ya even it all out what’s the key?

What about the team that showed up and had no one to play?
Should they get 12 games is that okay?
What if just one or two players show up what do you do then?
We have no firm and fast rules we have no ken.

A poet would say if you have a no show without proper word,
Then all their games are cancelled that’s preferred.
Those teams that played them and won, lose those wins.
Those that played them and lost lose those sins. 

The team that doesn’t show up will be a nothing.
Poor sportsmanship takes the worst penalty, off the records they will spring.
This whole thing is about being with friends and having fun.
Let’s throw darts, drink beer, do the right thing, and put no one under the gun.