If you have received this already, it’s my pleasure to give it to you again.

Not to be confused with Starving Artist
Dick Schmelzkopf

My flights look like rags,
Under my eyes hang bags.
My dart points are blunt,
I’ve been shooting like a runt.

When I toe the line and throw the dart,
The board I don’t hit, not even a part.
My lips are dry as a popcorn fart,
I know if I had a beer it’d make me smart.

If I had a buck or two, I wouldn’t be so blue,
It’s books I need to sell, if only a few.
If I sold a poem or two,
I’d have enough bread to buy me a brew.

Selling a book of poetry is my aim,
I know if I could, it would improve my game.
I could buy some new flights and a sharpener for my darts,
I could toe the line and get some fresh starts.

If in a blind draw you should get me,
I’ll help you win first place, don’t you see.
If you should hit a ton 80, I’ll buy you a beer,
We’ll win the match and give a cheer.

The book is called GAMBLER’S BOOK OF POETRY cause I’m both,
It’s a real book of poetry, on my oath.
It’s published by 1st Books,
You really need to give it some looks.

You can call them free and place an order,
Just dial 1-888-280-7715, you don’t even have to cross the border.
They’ll send this book of poetry to you,
I promise you’ll chuckle it will take away the blue.

My other book is BRAIN DAMAGE, have you read it yet?
Folks that have read it, say it’s a good bet.
This was published by Emerald Ink,
Call 1-800-324-5663, they’ll send it to you in a wink.

If you buy one of each you’ll be a happy person, I think
And when you buy my books, I’ll have enough for a drink.
It’s fun to sell my books this way,
Buy a couple and I’ll see ya’ the next time we play.

Thanks for these past years of darts and fun,
You’re the greatest bunch of folks under the sun.
With a little luck we’ll play darts together for years to come, we’ll have a brew.
And into the tigers mouth, with luck for you.

This is a toast for you, along with the tigers luck and stuff,
I give you dragons luck, from a dragon like Puff.
Dragon’s luck is most magical, it’s the very best kind.
So dragons luck to you and yours, you know luck is all in the mind.

So…if you would like to read:
GAMBLER’S BOOK OF POETRY call 1-888-280-7715
BRAIN DAMAGE call 1-800-324-5663

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