Dick Schmelzkopf 2004

When Amy toes the line the guys on the other team look closely.
I don't think it's her dart form they are looking at mostly.
She's a looker that's for sure.
She puts the dart where she wants it clean and pure.

Darty Mark, who was the Moonlighters Captain for ever,
Had other obligations and his darts he had to sever.
So Tim the legal council for the Moonlighters,
Was looking for a darter to join the Moonlighter fighters.

He ran across Amy, a Vegas showgirl that plays this game.
He said, would you join our team so a Moonlighter she became.
Tim said, there is a little caveat you must know,
We need a Captain who knows how to throw.

She said okay, I'll run this team with an iron fist.
Follow directions and don't get pissed.
I'm here to put together a winner, so don't resist.
If we don't take first place why do we exist.

Amy says, toe the line, stand tall and put the dart where you want it.
If it doesn't go right don't throw a fit.
You have two darts left, fix your game.
Stand tall and adjust your aim.

Scott said, that's a good philosophy where have I heard that before?
Amy said, it's just common sense, I do implore.
Scott said common sense, it makes sense to me.
I'll go on a darty spree.

Dick said, Captain-o-my-Captain, we'll follow your lead.
The rest of the team nodded they all agreed.
Amy would toe the line and zero in on her mark,
Thus the Moonlighters on a winning season do embark.

Amy is a captain with style,
Her darty enthusiasm will make you smile.
She's got a winning team with a good attitude,
For being a darter and the Captain, the Moonlighters owe her gratitude.

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