Dick Schmelzkopf © 2004

Oh Lord, please donít let my alligator mouth overload my hummingbird ass.
Donít say things youíre not prepared to back up; it shows no class.
If you know itís right stand up and say so.
If it ainít, keep your mouth shut. Stay very low.

Oh Lord, let me not throw stones lest one of them hit my glass house.
I would hate to throw a stone that makes me look like a big louse.
If I were perfect and walked on waterÖthat would be one thing,
Receiving back that which I give out, of these things I would sing.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", is the Golden Rule.
Not only is it the thing to do, itís righteous and that makes it cool.
I would like nice things said about me,
So I will find nice things to say about others, donít you see.

Lord, please have other folks judge me for my good deeds,
Not for when I slip and plant some of those bad seeds.
We all have that negative side, but letís not wear it on our sleeve.
My love and caring thoughts is what I want others to perceive.

Lord, I am different than other folks, as they are different from me.
We all have common ground, letís find it, thatís the key.
Our lifestyles may differ in many ways, but that is life.
Look for the commonality, donít look for strife.

Lord please donít let those few beers revert me back to eighteen,
When testosterone spraying was an "in thing" and perceived as keen.
Iím older and wiser now, I should have more control.
Itís the time when being open-minded should be my goal.

Lord, those that say, "I can" and those that say, "I canít" are both right, most of the time.
Let me always have a positive attitude, not to do so would certainly be a crime.
If I see a friend down and blue, let me help them get up and true.
A fresh start Iíll give them so they can start anew.

Lastly Lord, let me engage my mind before my tongue starts wagging.
Talking first and thinking later, folks will think my brain is sagging.
Help me keep these few things in mind, good friends are hard to find.
Lord if youíll just give me a little reminder, I want to keep and cherish all this kind.

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