These are some of my poems written for fun and pleasure.   Several are a joint work with Scott Cool and his effort.   Scott has some of his poetry posted on this site.   If you would like to post your poetry here, please contact me and it may be considered.

Tribute to Twin Towers
 Memory for the loss of life in the twin towers at the World Trade Center in NYC is a poem by Dick Schmelzkopf and Scott Cool.
The Gamblers Song
 Collaboration with Scott Cool gives a feeling of the gamblers thoughts and the love for his wife.
 Retribution is the striking back at the evil of Osama bin Laden and other terrorist organizations.
Darters of the World Unite
 The various games of darts that are common in pubs in a poem by Dick Schmelzkopf.
My Magical Webmaster
 Poetry about the neighbor and friend, Don Nugent, who installs hardware and software on my PC.  Ocassionally, there have even been some software problems that need to be corrected.  Don also maintains my web site.
Drink What ?
 This one may make you thirsty.
Couples by the Name, Darts is the Game
 The fellow players in the dart league and my pub friends.
Gourmet Club ?
 Our Supper Club group came from the original Gourmet Club in our subdivision.  We celebrated 25 years of club fun with a cruise in April 2002.
Persistence and Courage
 A reason to think and contemplate.
Beard Power
 This is a story of the importance of a beard with some history.
The Silver Eagles
 The men from our Supper Club group plus a few more friends eating lunch once a month.
God Winked
 Daylight Savints Time saves a life.  This is about the car crashing into Dick and Dennie's home.
Starving Dartist
 Thursday night is darts at the Pub.  This is about darts, friends and books.
The Fabulous Fifties
   This is about music, dancing and life in the fifties.
Why Computers Sometimes Crash
 This is a poem that is emailed around the Internet.  Read it aloud to really enjoy.
Dart Poetry - SCDA
 This is a link page for poetry written about SPRING CREEK DARTS ASSOCIATION activity.


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