By Dick Schmelzkopf and Scott Cool

Copyright 2002 Dick Schmelzkopf

There is a place I know where flowers grow
And the sky is blue every day.
I'll meet you there and we'll talk of love
While we walk along the way.

It's quiet and serene and everyone's happy
No problems, pressures, or anxiety,
Meet me there, my dear sweet love
We will flourish in this society.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath
And dream of this wonderful place.
Where we'll meet again along God's life stream
So I may touch your beautiful face.

It's thoughts like these that keep me going
Knowing we'll meet again
So meet me there, let us walk awhile
With our feet upon the sand.

The time is not right for you to leave
And join me hear in laughter.
But when it is and we come together
It will be happy ever after.

For here in this place of which I speak
The body never ages.
No matter how long your journey may take
It's only mortal stages.

I will be as I was the day I left
Our life together was true.
When you arrive we'll be as you were
When we were together as two.

-*-     -*-     -*-

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