By Dick Schmelzkopf and Scott Cool

Copyright 2002 Dick Schmelzkopf

Roll a seven, roll eleven
Play the aces four.
My love is deep and strong for you
It's stronger than ever before.

I'll break the dice and cut the cards
If you will only see,
The bets I make are not important
As long as you're with me.

Betting the line, playing the field,
Or catching one on the gut.
It's not the same unless you're near
To make it a little less nuts.

Chalking my cue, breaking the rack,
Watching the eight ball fall,
Passes the time when we're apart
Awaiting your fervent call.

Roll a seven, roll eleven,
Play the king high straight.
Tonight it's darts, tomorrow it's poker
Let Lady Luck determine my fate.

I'm a betting man; I've a love for the game.
It really don't matter what,
So count your chips and shuffle the cards,
And offer this gambler a cut.

Cause whether I'm up or facing a loss,
It's you who make it worthwhile.
For better or worse, in good time and bad,
You've always offered a smile.

Roll a seven, roll eleven,
Two pair I hope it will be.
I thank you love for all that you are
And all you have given to me.

-*-     -*-     -*-

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