By Scott Cool

Copyright 2002 Scott Cool

They call it Jihad, or holy war
The name itself would imply,
That they're fighting for God in all his glory
And for him they're willing to die.

It's a way of life; it's all they know,
They teach it in all their schools.
To hate so much in the name of the lord
And use him like some tool.

But their hatred doesn't stop at home
They hate Americans too.
Which was all too evident September eleventh
When the world trade center blew.

Osama Bin Laden and his rag tag gang
Were responsible for the attacks,
But what they have taken from so many families
They'll never be able to get back.

Their lives have changed in a blink of an eye
Their loved ones are gone forever,
Because Bin Laden convinced some idiots
The idea he had was clever.

We've seen the footage on the news
Of them laughing and beaming with pride,
Crawling like rats through a system of caves
They can run but there's no place to hide.

One by one we've closed the holes
In the earth through which he's been hiding,
And with some patience we'll get the rest
Right down to the camel he's riding.

So let the Husseins, Castros, and Bin Ladens
Consider themselves to be warned,
Hell hath no fury, when it comes to our shores
Like that of an American scorned.

We don't fight in the name of the Lord
Or over oil and gas,
When we get involved, as the world now knows,
We come to kick some ass!

-*-     -*-     -*-

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