By Dick Schmelzkopf

Copyright 2002 Dick Schmelzkopf

Darts are fun don't you know
You can throw them fast or slow.
There are lots of different games to play
You can throw them most any old way

You can double in and double out
That's 301 a game for the most stout
This game will test you hand eye
To do it well you'd best be spry

Cricket is a dart throwers game
You need a good eye and a proper aim
If you miss your mark that is the triple twenty
Down the road it could cost you plenty

501 can be a challenging match
Now is the time to shoot. Triple twenties you want to catch.
Don't forget to double out
Don't be a trout, take it out you have no doubt

Playing Shanghai is a game for the brave
A double, triple and a single gives you more then a save
You throw these and you've won this game
When you do this, the other guys look lame.

That's all the darts for now
Take your winnings and take a bow
Keep your eye sharp and you'll stay a winner
You'll pay for your beer and probably a dinner.

-*-     -*-     -*-

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