By Dick Schmelzkopf

Copyright © 2002 Dick Schmelzkopf

I have a friend who is special, he has an undeniable talent
Besides being a computer wiz he is also quite gallant
He and Rockmoninoff both virtuosos on the keyboard they play.
Put Rock next to Don and Rock is just a clichť

Don my Webmaster is most supreme
To watch him solve my computer problems heís a dream
Heís a long tall Texan with a knack
There ainít a computer problem he canít crack

I once had a virus so bad they called me Typhoid Mary
He waved his magic wand then said an incantation while sipping a sherry
Bang the problem was gone, now itís Dick is merry not Typhoid Mary
When I get a problem like that, boy it can really be scary

I enjoy poetry and have a private collection
They are not all classics but they are my selection
I wanted to import a favorite or two
But I didnít want to retype all those verses that would make me blue

I told my trouble and woes to my Webmaster
Don said donít fret what you need is a scanner
Installing stuff is not my bag
He said thatís not a snag, Iíll install it in less time than it takes to raise the flag

Now that itís in transporting poetry is a snap
My library of poetry includes Poe Service and Silverstein with just a zap
I included some of Dr. Seuss mostly heís silly as a goose
I like his style it makes me smile, and this helps me stay loose

I know I have the best Webmaster under the sun
Not only a web man and friend, to be with he is fun
If technical difficulties get in my way
Iíll just call the man and this is what heíll say

Stand by Dick donít panic
Iíll be over in a flash, donít get frantic
Weíll beat this problem just like all the others
After all were just like brothers

-*-     -*-     -*-

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