By Dick Schmelzkopf

Copyright 2002 Dick Schmelzkopf

Bourbon is fine
So is a wine
A little rum is good for fun
I'll take a nice cold vodka in the shade out of the sun

Maybe a gin and tonic would be good
A scotch and soda would be good, that's understood
On a hot summer day with the sun ablazing
An iced down beer makes me feel amazing

Carbonation counts for a lot
Then again you drink what you got
Cold is very important too
If it's cold and carbonated that will keep you from being blue.

A jug of soda ain't so bad
Nothing wet cold and carbonated will make ya sad
Even if I'm thirsty enough to die
Water I won't drink and that's no lie

It has no flavor and it's flat as a dead tire
Maybe you could pour some on me if I were on fire
Water is for bathing in
Could drinking it be a sin?

-*-     -*-     -*-

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