By Dick Schmelzkopf

Copyright © 2002 Dick Schmelzkopf

Well there’s Rog and Jen
They’ve been the backbone ever since when
A ton eighty Rog throws now and then
Jenny is somebody I’d like on my team she shoots very well is she into Zen?

Then there’s Martha and Joe they are a tough pair to beat
In a blind draw Joe is always wanted cause he throws em sweet
Martha ain’t no slouch, you get her for a partner, you’ll be on easy street
You play the two of them you’ll get some heat. Draw one or the other you’ll have a treat

Bryan and Melissa have paid their dues.
You get on the wrong side of this couple you’ll get a bruise
Draw one for a pard and you’ll have no more blues
Pay attention to these two they’ll show ya the do’s

Chick and Janet play the game quite well
Chick drinks bourbon and Janet is swell
Watch out for Chick if you’re playing for drinks, cause on ya he’ll put a spell
Janet plays good steady darts, when she’s hot she rings that bell

Richard and Bonnie know this game
Cause tons and double-outs are their middle name
I played Bonnie once; next to her I was lame
Richard has the ton eighty in his pocket he knows how to aim

Rod and Carolyn a lot of darts they have played
To beat either one of them you have to raise your grade
Rod used to work the rigs, now darts is his trade
When Carolyn is your partner and she toes the line, buddy you’ve got it made

Jean and Butch just tied the knot
Is that a smile I see on Jeans face, what is her plot
Butch has that same look; then again he’s a hot shot
They smile together you’d think they just won a yacht

Then there is Jamie and Jon dart hustlers’ personified
If I said these guys weren’t good it would be a lie
When they throw the darts they reach for the sky.
They say get down early and go out that’s easy as pie

And of course Lorna and Ian, dart throwers they are
They’re both far better than par
When it comes to throwing darts Ian is a czar
. The talk is that Lorna is really the star.

Don’t forget about Karen and Dalton
They’ve both been known to throw a ton
She’s pretty and knows how to throw
Dalton drinks Black Jack I’ve bought him several, I know.

Kara and Patrick, darts they do throw
These two know the game, don't play em for dough, you'll end up low
When Kara toes the line she's a worthy foe, she's a pro, yaw know
Patrick can open a can of whip-ass, watch him, he'll give you a show

Kim is retired but Dave still plays
When she was a Moonlighter she set those boards ablaze.
Dave’s still hot all I can give him is praise
These two lovebirds will still amaze

Well that’s it for dart shooting pairs
They all throw darts well and know their wares
These folks don’t put on airs, if they played for money they’d all be millionaires
If I draw any one of them the darty Gods have answered my prayers

-*-     -*-     -*-

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