By Dick Schmelzkopf

Copyright © 2002 Dick Schmelzkopf

We’ve been eating at each other’s house for years
We have shared fears, beers and tears
We’ve all held hands through smears and sneers
But most of all we have shared lots of cheers

We couldn’t handle all that fancy shmansy stuff
You know coats and ties and dresses, we don’t need all that fluff
Shorts and sandals that’s formal enough
Stick your crystal goblets and your china, we’ll use plastic and paper we're tough

I’m still not sure what silver to use
But when there is just one fork how can I lose
The wine may not come from France it makes no difference, its all booze
The conversations always good there’s lots of different views.

Let’s see now which glass for water, which for wine
At my house we put up a sign
Just a couple of wines and a little chat then all the faces have that shine
No matter who’s house were in the dine is always fine

Enough about the table lets talk folks
All the gals are pretty and with handsome blokes
The conversations always good and so are the jokes
The friendship is strong and goes on and on, just like the giant oaks

Bill and Bonnie are always fun
I knew Bonnie back when this whole thing begun
Bill is a sportsman personified, not just a talker, at playing hockey he knows a thing
He’s trying to teach me pong-ping, it might be easier to teach a pig to sing

Don and Donna have been there forever
At computers Don is most clever
Donna has a tree for every holiday
Change the decorations from time to time but the spirit is there in every way

Bob and Bobby have a heart of gold
They’re dog people, and have a couple of pups; two is bold
Bob’s into golf, heraldry and pocket billiards and has an eye like an eagle.
Bobbys into gardening and quilting and giving to friends, she’s quite regal

Stuart and Dorothy are part of our group ain’t they smart
They’ve been with us forever, right from the start.
Stuart is heavy into sports trivia; he knows every little thing.
Dorothy is a reader and has a lot to say; when she talks the bell she can ring

Priscilla is a charter member. She holds a dear spot in our heart
About medicine she’s very smart, some good advise she does impart
Along about Christmas she holds her dinner.
We all think she’s a solid winner.

Jim and Gerry are folks we care for, they’re always merry
They cook the Cajun food so well it’s almost scary.
Jim is a man of few words but you want to listen well
Gerry is a sweetheart we all think she’s swell

Ed and Peggy know how to throw a bash
They give us an extra on the fourth of July. It’s always a smash
At giving parties the are the best and that’s no trash
At their place we all dash for a splash cause they charge no cash.

Dick and Denny do theirs on Saint Patrick’s Day
. Their house be green and Irish all over, in every way
Come on in we’ll talk a bit and some pool we’ll play
Their credo is, come over be happy and gay.

Gourmet is a word were not to fond of
Just getting together and shooting the bull is what we love
The food can be KFC or peanut butter and jelly we don’t care
Were a group that loves each other and it doesn’t matter where

-*-     -*-     -*-

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