By Dick Schmelzkopf

Copyright 2002 Dick Schmelzkopf

Some folks want to call us ROMEO
That's retired old men eating out
That's not us were bold not old
We're men of class, were silver and gold

Others want to call this event the old farts lunch
That's poo poo ka ka we're the wild bunch
When we leave to go on this event, we kiss our wives goodbye that kiss has got some punch
When we go on this outing our mates know we're going to have a good time. That's real that's no hunch

We're not a bunch of doddering old men
We're young at heart and we still can.
Although we do a lot of talking, like remember when
Thank goodness our wives understand, they all know we're a ten

Nor do I care much for the handle Bald Eagles.
You might as well call us the Old and Flabby beagles
We're young in mind and heart.
We've got the waitresses foxed they all think we're smart

We meet at Hooters for the four star food
I don't want to be rude dude but the waitresses are damn near nude
The sites in the bar are far above par and it's not very far.
Could it be that the boobs, beer and bottoms are four-star?

We tell our wives that we go there for the cuisine and fine service and decor
They know we go there to watch the gals pick something up off the floor
We keep dropping stuff and they keep getting it, what a score.
When this happens one of us yells, more, more, more.

We meet there the second Monday of every month come rain or shine.
I don't believe it's for the fine wine or fine dine.
Our wives are our true loves and that goes without saying
We go there for the view, not for the playing

Ed is our founding father and fearless leader. He puts it all together
He calls us all no matter the weather.
We'll all show up at Hooter bar
The food there is way above par

Peggy is Ed's wife of long standing
She's a woman of class and definitely outstanding
They throw parties that would put the Romans to shame
In the best circles I drop their name, and that's my claim to fame

Norm, I've known since the pyramids were in the planning stage
He took the time and effort to learn Spanish, that's all the rage
When Norm and I were planning the sphinx
For entertainment we think of Hooters and all their little minks.

Jim and Jim are interesting guys
Both men are smart and able to advise
One was into rocks looking for oil everywhere
The other was interested in saving cold air.

Geologist Jim and his wife Gerry
Were on the ship trip with us and they're both fine folks and always merry
I don't know cool air Jim's family but they have to be grand
Cause Jim has true grit; he's got lots of sand

Elio is an engineer with class
He engineered cold stuff and took no sass
Now he drinks a beer or two
He's always sharp and never blue

Gerry's one of our gang he used to count beans
Now he counts the genes in the jeans of the waitress queens
But that's okay he's a fine fellow
I find him to be a nice guy laid back and mellow

I don't know Elio or Gerry very well
But we chat a bit so I know they are swell
I'll bet their families are top of the line
Top of the shelf, just like a fine wine

Joe is a man that's debonair, like me he's a little short on the hair
His wife Rita is a gal with flair. They make a great pair I swear
My wife Denny, and I joined them on a ship
Joe and I had a little sip on the ship but we never lost our grip

We see Joe and Rita at a celebration or two,
What's nice about this pair is that they are never blue.
They laugh a lot and that's real good
We'll see them at more functions, that's understood

Bob is a pool shooter personified. .
He's a friend for years, that's bonafide
His wife Bobby understands our meeting
She must, cause I always get a cheek kiss for a greeting

Bill is one of my favorite folks he designs floor stuff in stores
He was on the boat with us; he's a gentleman and always opens doors
On the ship he gave my first lesson on pong ping
I wonder if he ever got that pig to sing.

Bonnie is Bills wife and she's a bute
As a couple they're both quite cute
Bill always has something to say he's never mute
He's a conservative drinker never goes on a toot

Don is one of the charter members; he's been a friend for years
When I have a computer problem he just appears.
Donna his wife planned the trip on the ship
These long tall Texans are nothing but blue-chip

My names Dick and my wife is Denny
When I found her it was like a lucky penny
We've been married for thirteen years plus twenty
She's the love of my life and I love her plenty

That's it for Silver Eagle regulars; there are others that stop by
We're all good friends and make sure the others stay high and dry.
We're never blue we never cry, just for fun we chase pie in the sky
Boobs beer and buddies keeps us all young and spry.

-*-     -*-     -*-

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