By Dick Schmelzkopf

Copyright © 2003 Dick Schmelzkopf

Sunday, April 6 is "spring forward and set your clocks" day.
When the Guy-In-Charge wants your attention he will give you a signal, don't dismay.
He has something interesting in mind for Denny, my wife.
He has decided she will do something special with her life

How do I know this? Listen to my story.
I trust some of it's not too gory.
No one was injured too badly, but the sirens did blare,
To think what could have happened gives me quite a scare.

We read the funnies like we do most Sundays,
For this day, that is our first phase.
Then we do the crossword puzzle…a "together" thing for us.
Anything we can do together is always a plus.

Now she heads to her office and I head to mine.
We both have things that need to be done, that's a good sign.
We each just got seated and were starting to do things,
I'm writing a book and responsibility it brings

My loving wife had gone to her office to work on a plan.
She's trying to PR my first book, she's my biggest fan.
As I walk in my office and see my new clock.
I couldn't reset it, the directions were a crock.

I used the Texas intercom and yelled, "Hey my sweet,
Would you come fix this clock, one hour it's trying to cheat."
She used the same and yelled, "I'll be right there,
I know how to fix that rascal and with you I'll share."

She came across our Great Room (to me it's the Caribbean Room).
She stepped into my office and there was this horrific boom.
Not just a loud noise, but like a lightning strike, or maybe it was the Astrodome?
I thought the God Thor had sent a lighting bolt down to our home

Or was it a bomb going off in our Caribbean Room?
Or was this the devils work and a sign of impending doom?
When we stepped from my office into the great room,
The dust and debris was rolling from her office with a monster boom.

I ran through the dust and debris into her work area.
Something like this could cause mass hysteria.
There, where her desk used to be, was a blue and white seventy-nine Caddy.
Behind the wheel was a long haired young laddy.

From this angle I couldn't tell if he was hurt, or not.
Cause the car door was jammed against the wall and was caught.
I yelled to Denny to call nine-one-one.
The kid behind the wheel was having no fun.

While she was calling an ambulance, I raced outside.
I still couldn't get to him, but he looked at me with eyes open wide.
I looked around to see about getting him out.
At that time the EMS folks showed up with the Jaws of Life (they're quite stout).

The EMS, Firemen and Police arrived ultra fast.
They said this kid's in here good, we may have to blast.
On a stretcher they took the young man away,
He'd go to the hospital, hopefully for just a short stay.

There was insulation, broken glass and her collection of books, all over the place.
In our back yard you couldn't even find a grassy space.
Bricks, pieces of bookcase and parts of her desk lay strewn all about.
Firemen were picking things up (bless them), they were devout.

One of our neighbors saw the kid coming down the street.
She said he was doing sixty. Wow, be careful or the devil you'll meet.
She said, "The way he hit your house I'm surprised he's not dead.
I was afraid to look in the car, cuz dead is what I dread."

He took out our "across the street neighbors," Kathy and Bubba's mailbox first,
Then he took out one of our fourteen-foot oleanders with a sudden burst.
Next was five sections of fence, posts and all,
He could have taken out more, it was a close call.

He came through the West wall, he pushed the South off it's foundation.
This was no near miss or mass aberration.
He pulverized the credenza, her chair and her desk
What he did to the bookcases was nothing short of grotesque.

Our back yard was littered with games, books and bills.
To see our lives exposed like this gave me the chills.
Neighbor John and his gal Brandi were taking pictures of the mess,
Thanks to them we had a record, the insurance company didn't have to guess.

Ernest and Linda, our back fence neighbors, stopped by.
They saw our house was a wreck and said, "I see, but why?"
Folks from up and down the street stopped to see how we were doing.
They touched us and asked if they could help, then stood for the viewing.

The Firemen were fantastic. They picked up stuff and put it in stacks.
The neighbors came out to see if they could help. All good neighbors…to the max.
Ann and Jim were there giving moral support,
Jan stopped by to ask how we were and get a report.

All this time the Firemen were working on the house,
They were busy pointing things out to my spouse.
Like call your insurance company now,
They'll get an estimator out here and tell you how much they'll allow.

They pushed a wall in and with tarps they covered the gaping holes.
Keeping our stuff safe and dry was one of their goals.
Officer Moore was there. He gave us some tips and took the information he needed.
He said he would see the kid and find out how he pleaded.

Some chocolate chip cookies Barbara did bake,
Glen brought them over. With joy the cookies we were happy to take.
The cookies Glen brought were nothing short of yummy,
After all we'd been through, these were good for our tummy.

If the kid had crashed though the wall just a minute before,
It would have been a whole different score.
My loving wife of thirty plus years would be dead.
But she came to my office and set my clock instead.

Daylight savings time saved my wife's life.
She'd be dead…like with a gun or a knife
Who ever invented this little "time" thing, I sure owe them.
To me Denny is my passion, my love, life's little gem.

Or just a minute later, cause she was going back to work,
It was just a little thing with time, just an itty-bitty time quirk.
That's one more thing for us to be thankful for,
Of God how could I ask for more?

To the Ponderosa Volunteer Fire Department we give our "Thanks, a job well done".
Your courtesy and professionalism could not be outdone.
Officer Moore from precinct # 4, you were great.
You are an award winner for the Police in this Texas State.

Cypress Creek EMS, you got that kid out fast,
Were glad you didn't have to blast.
To our neighbors we say thanks for your help and caring,
With us, good thoughts to you we'll be sharing.

Denny worked out of my office till hers was redone,
For a while it was a lot of fun.
But she was cramped in a small working space,
One office, two does not replace.

All and all the experience was quite strange.
It called for some adjustments in the house; a major change.
We had to redo Denny's office, this didn't cause her to be very blue.
God gave us a wink and said, "Denny, I've got something special planned for you."

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