The Wizard and Amethyst Eyes of Purpose
Dick Schmelzkopf
4059 Evening Trail
Spring TX. 77388


A novel of quests with wizards, witches, magical dragons and teenage boys. Zoltar a good wizard, decides he must create a magical dragon to help the Princess Pamela save her kingdom of Brazillyentine. The evil Duke and Duchess Nefare, are plundering and oppressing the small fiefdom. Worse, they have taken away all the hopes and dreams of the children.

Zoltar is going to create a magical entity with the aid of good witch Illumina, a new-found friend. To get the amethysts for the eyes, he must outwit Black Evil, a giant spider. By waging war with a huge snake called Bushmaster, he gains an audience with Saint George, the dragon. He attends a tea ceremony where Saint George consents to let him have some dragon tears and a scale, vital ingredients for a magical creation.

With these ingredients in hand he heads back to Illumina’s castle (a castle made from bricks of precious stones, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and the like). In order to get to Castle Island he has to ride on the back of a large crocodile. Plato, Illumina’s black panther, familiar and companion accompanies him. Illumina convinces him she can get the remaining ingredients as well as help in making the creature. AND a dragon is born. It comes to life and names itself “Purpose”.

Meanwhile Scott, the present keeper of Purpose, together with Peter, (Scott’s cousin) want to help their friend Max. Max has a very aggressive form of leukemia and wants to go to a summer ranch that caters to youngsters with that type of misfortune.

Purpose helps Zoltar free the people of Brazillyentine, give hope and dreams to the children, and take the curse off of the land.

Purpose helps Scott and Peter get Max to the ranch. As a reward for thinking of others first, Purpose takes Scott and Peter on an adventure. They go on a quest and encounter black magic, witches and other challenges on the way.

The adventures of the boys, Purpose, and the wizards are too intricately interwoven to be told in a synopsis.

This will be published in 2003.   The release date will be soon!

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